Are your employees brand ambassadors of customer turn-offs?

  1. Like it or not, everyone is part of sales, all employees at some time have
    1. Customer interactions (current or future customers)
    2. Support customer education (customers asks questions like How do you do X?)
    3. Creating brand impressions
  2. This presents some challenges and the need to educate
    1. We don’t want customers getting the blank stare
    2. Get your employees informed and comfortable with being in these situations
    3. Give the some training on how to handle the situation
      1. The first part is simple – get the persons contact info and have someone call them
  3. Use this to your advantage and amplify sales
    1. Build your culture around your employees – they will promote your biz
    2. Educate employees on how to engage and ask questions
    3. Give them the tools to help sell and reward them for their efforts

Key Questions:

  1. Are you employees educated on your business and sales processes?

  2. Do they know what to do when asked questions?

  3. Do you promote a sales culture?

  4. How can you improve your employee sales force?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Establish your message – what should employees say

  2. Educate your employees

  3. Get everyone involved in promoting your business

  4. Reward those who do

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