The destination may remain the same bu the route often changes. Make the right adjustments.

  1. Things change
    1. You can’t possibly know everything when you make a plan
    2. The problem occurs when we have great plans but don’t update when there are changes
    3. Often we just abandon the current plans without creating new ones
  2. Take a fresh look
    1. When things change we need to change our plans
    2. Take a fresh look at our new route
    3. It’s Okay to pivot just re-calculate your route
  3. Keep the excitement
    1. When we set our goals we are excited to make a plan
    2. Things change and if we don’t change the plan as well we lose that excitement
    3. Re-calculate and keep the excitement going – this is life

Accept and embrace that things will change but don’t forget to adjust your plans accordingly.

Key Questions:

  1. How have things changed for you so far this year?

  2. What courses have adjusted? Did you re-write the plans accordingly?

  3. Have you properly adjusted your daily focus?

  4. Are your key actions the same for your new course?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review where you are and your current path

  2. Re-calculate if


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