Paradigms control the way we think and act yet so many of them are false.

Are you paradigms serving you?

  1. Paradigms can limit you
    1. Historical – “the world is flat” / “man can’t fly” / “man can’t go to the moon”
    2. We each have our own – money is the root of all evil / rich people are greedy / I will just blow it anyway
    3. What are yours’
  2. Review your key paradigms
    1. Review in terms of Self / Family / Work / Community / Money / Learning
      1. Self – Health is? Sleeping is? Food is?
      2. Family – Love is? Family is?
      3. Work – Success is? Income should be? Biz size?
      4. Community – Friendship is? Parties are? Charity is?
      5. Money – money is? True wealth is? Managing money is?
      6. Learning – Those who don’t learn? To succeed I need to?
  3. Change your stories
    1. Review your paradigms with critical thinking – do they serve you?
    2. Break them down – focus on areas that you struggle
    3. Write new paradigms

For peace of mind and true success we need to be sure we have the right paradigms guiding us.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review you paradigms

  2. Do some critical thinking

  3. Shift your paradigms

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