Create a series of checklists to help manage the project start-up process.

These are great tools for helping us with proactive planning.

  1. Build Systems
    1. Systems are tools, processes, etc. that guide our business operations
    2. They provide guidance and direction to our teams
    3. Create the checks and balances necessary
  2. Start-up Checklists
    1. Create list of task/items descriptions / responsibility / date / etc.
    2. Create lists for each area of concern like accounting, contract review, resources, project planning, etc.
    3. Have a  master list to summarize everything and be managed by the project lead
  3. Create & Adjust
    1. Start creating the lists by writing down all you can think of then add as you go
    2. Amend the lists as things happen and change – save to central location
    3. You can also create these as Project Templates in task management systems

Project Start-up checklists are awesome tools for making sure we are doing the proper preparation for our projects.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Create start-up checklists

  2. Implement the lists

  3. Adjust and update the lists as you go

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