Networking is about building real relationships not filling your CRM.

Are you building a solid network?

  1. Old versus new
    1. Networking used to be collecting cards and email addresses
    2. Now – we need to build relationships
    3. Get off out podium – stop telling everyone all about you and learn about them
  2. Our job
    1. To build a strong relationship it’s our job to get the other person to like us
    2. We need to ask questions and really want the answers
    3. Stop waiting to speak and start listening
  3. Don’t keep score
    1. It’s no longer about what can they do for me, it’s about how can I help them
    2. Stop the quid pro quo and just help
    3. Wantto be the most interesting person at your next event?
      1. Start introducing and connecting other people at the event to help them get what they are looking for – before you know, everyone will want to know how to help you in return

We are the average of those around us so let’s attract the best people we can. If you are always looking for what someone else can do for you then you will only attract people who want something from you.


Take-Action Items:

  1. Start building real relationships

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