Remember to sell the client experience when pitching to potential customers.

Are you selling the right experience?


  1. Remember our marketing message
    1. We market benefits
    2. Talk from the clients point of view
    3. Address their concerns
  2. Carry over to sales
    1. Don’t market one way and sell another
    2. Maintain consistency to be believable
    3. Match you messages
  3. Speak to the client
    1. Talk about the experience from their point of view – how it appears to them
    2. Give details and stress the areas where you are different from others
    3. Lead with “You” not “We” – people tune you out when you say “we…”
      1. Use “you can _____, because we _____” statements

Be sure you message stays clear both in sales and marketing so that you are selling from the client point of view not yours.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Match your marketing and sales messages

  2. Sell the customer experience

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