“Managing our company culture is an important role of our management teams..”

Are you setting the right examples?

  1. Define the culture
    1. Be clear about what the culture is
    2. Align with the company mission
    3. Understand the strain
      1. Internal versus External drivers
      2. Stability versus Flexibility drivers
  2. Develop it and manage it
    1. Live It and Share It
    2. Educate and train employees around the culture
    3. Use scenario stories to get the point across
  3. Recognize, promote and protect it
    1. Recognize your front line ambassadors
    2. Hire right – fit is more important than skills
    3. Fire fast

Our company culture will steer our organization into the future so let’s make sure we are on the right path.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your culture

  2. Clearly define the culture

  3. Lead the culture

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