“It’s the last full week of the first quarter, let’s prepare for our review.”

Next week it’s time to review where we are with our 2015 plans.

  1. Review First Quarter
    1. How did we do on our action items
    2. victories and accomplishments
    3. Lessons learned
  2. Second Quarter Intentions
    1. Review our intentions and trajectories
    2. Do we need to pivot
    3. Review sales & marketing / financial / business / personal
  3. Get back at it
    1. Go ahead and beat yourself up for things that didn’t work out and then forget about it
    2. Get organized and take-action
    3. Set reminders to help you stay focused

Take some time next week to review what we’ve accomplished and make changes as necessary then get back at it.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review first quarter

  2. Adjust second quarter intentions

  3. Take-Action every day

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