“If we are truly authentic we have no real competition.”

Are you authentic? Is your business authentic?

  1. Be Real
    1. No fake BS – don’t be someone we are not
    2. Accept and be you – if you talk with an accent – so what?
    3. It’s what’s inside that matters – let it shine through
  2. It’s Tough – To be authentic we must –
    1. Be vulnerable – put ourselves out there for criticism
    2. Be transparent – we have to let people know who we are and why – even out  motives
    3. Act with integrity – keep our word – do what we believe
  3. How does this fit with each part of life?
    1. Yourself
      1. Are you true to yourself
      2. Can you accept your short comings
    2. Family
      1. Are you true to them
      2. Do you build integrity in your family
    3. Community
      1. Do you hang out with true friends
      2. Are you involved in things that are the real you
    4. Business
      1. Is the culture of our business true to who we are
      2. No one can copy our business – we are the only one
      3. Find the customers that want us and we have lasting relationships

Be you! Be Us!, Be our company!

Take-Action Items:

  1. Take some time this weekend and ask “Are you authentic?”

  2. Look at each area of life and understand what is authentic to you

  3. Build your authentic company culture

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