“We must conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with who we aspire to become.”

The old adage is “Fake it til you make it.” Do you know what that really means?

  1. What it means
    1. Really be the person you want to become
    2. If you want to reach the next level you need to act like you already arrived
    3. Take action
  2. What it’s not
    1. The way you dress or a fake Rolex
    2. BS on your company bio or personal resume
    3. Bending to what other’s want you to be
  3. It’s Do You – as Russel Simmons would say
    1. You have a vision – act like that vision now
    2. Maintain posture & presence while being authentic and true to your desire
    3. Think what would (insert your idol/mentor/hero here) do?

If you want to reach new levels in life and in your career or business you need to take the action as if you are already at the level now. Stop waiting for something to happen and make the change now.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Start acting like the person you most aspire to become

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