“Master the 6 stages of client relationships and build a solid sales pipeline.”

Do you have an organized sales process?

Organizing a strategic sales process around building solid, long-term relationships with our clients is a fundamental aspect of building a successful contracting business.


  1. Construction is about relationships
    1. Relationships are key for a successful business – even in the Rip-n-Read market we still rely no relationships
    2. Focus on building those relationships
    3. To do that right we need to understand the stages and flow of how we build a customer relationship
  2. The 6 stages of customer relationships
    1. Awareness – them finding out you exist
    2. Attraction – them wanting to know more
    3. Engagement – them engaging with us to learn more – us engaging with them to provide value
    4. Connection – the contract stage – we now have them as a client
    5. Trust – we are building trust into our relationship
    6. Strategic Partner – we are the go-to provider for construction related services – they would not do it without us
  3. Get the process organized
    1. Develop the processes and materials for each stage
    2. Get a CRM system and use it to monitor and track your processes
    3. Develop you strategic plan starting with who we want to attract to how we become strategic partners

This concept is about building super strong relationships with a small number of high-profit clients versus the shotgun approach of working for anyone and everyone we can.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review the 6 stages of client relationships

  2. Organize you current sales processes around each stage

  3. Set up the CRM and processes

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