“Ideas without action are simply diversions along our path to success.”

Learn to take-action and stop wasting valuable time.



Stop procrastinating and take next steps with your ideas and projects.


By taking action we avoid wasting time reviewing and analyzing what to do next and keep moving towards your vision and goals.


  1. “Take-Action Items” at the end of the Coachcast
    1. I give T-A items to give you a nudge to move forward
    2. There are many training avenues available but most leave the action decisions up to you – which often doesn’t happen
    3. I want you to start – make a little progress every day
  2. A Take-Action mentality
    1. Develop the mindset of taking action – immediately determine next steps and take some action
    2. Add take-action to your daily planning – items on list should be clear actionable items
    3. Remember the 80/20 rule and don’t let some things even get on the list
  3. Building a T-A routine
    1. Wash the dishes – always complete the small tasks at hand
    2. Create a list of T-A items so you can always take the first step of writing it down
    3. Be an actionable leader – assign actionable tasks when delegating, during meetings and when providing guidance.

Actions speak louder than words.

Take-Action Items:

  1. The obvious – Take-Action

  2. Build a Take-Action habit

  3. Create a Take-Action culture

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