“Create effective processes to guide your teams in delivering your product.”

Today we look at the next step in our series on procedures – creating the processes.

Last Thursday we talked about developing procedures to guide your teams. The nest step is creating the processes as part of the procedures.


Processes are the steps to follow to complete a specific task.


In order to grow our businesses we need procedures and processes to guide our employees and teams in the daily operations of delivering on our brand promise.


This is an easy step in this overall task. We just need to document the steps we currently take. We are not doing anything new here, just formalizing our current steps.

Take a look at the key tasks performed by your teams and start capturing the details of each step into a logical process. Write it down and distribute to your teams.

Follow-up to make sure that everyone is following the same processes and adhering to the guidelines so that you can rest assured that your company is delivering as planned.

Getting these procedures and processes in place are essential for letting you focus on leading the business not working in it.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Start documenting the key tasks

  2. Share the processes with your teams

  3. Follow-up

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