“What’s your theme for 2015?”

Today we discuss having a theme for the new year.


Creating a theme for the year. Finding a one or two-word combination that outlines your upcoming year.


Having a theme that you post in visible areas reminds you every day of what the year is all about.


Think about what you want the year to be about, maybe it’s a year where you want to get organized so the theme would be organization. Maybe it’s about growth or some other thing you want to have happen. Find some ideas and use a thesaurus  to come up with ideas. Write the theme down and post it places that you will see it each day.

My theme for 2014 was “Breakthrough” because I wanted to break through the things that were holding me back and get started on the things I wanted to accomplish. It worked will and kept me focused on just breaking through and getting started. My theme for 2015 is Intense Realization. Now that I have started several of the things I have always planned, it’s time to make them a reality. I also recognize that in order to make it happen it is going to take a lot of effort on my part so I added the intense part.

Now that theme will guide me throughout the year and keep me going.

Do the same for yourself and get a theme that keeps you pumped up.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Determine your theme for 2015

  2. Write it down and place it in visible locations



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