“Make your New Year’s resolutions work by setting them up properly in the beginning.”

Let’s make resolutions that work!


Tradition says that we should make resolutions to make changes each new year. Most of the time these resolutions go by the wayside before Spring. Let’s make them work this time.


We are busy enough. If we are going to add some additional considerations to our already hectic life then we need to make sure they are worth it and we stick to it. Set up your resolutions properly and make lasting changes.


Resolutions are a lot like vision that we discussed in our goal planning series of Coachcasts. They are the big picture like exercising more and eating better. In order to accomplish them we need to better define the steps we will take. Here are some things to do to make resolutions into habits that drive us towards our goals each day.

  • Resolutions are the destination
  • Break your resolution into actionable goals then break your goals into Take-Action steps
  • Determine your Take-Action steps and put them on your agenda
  • Be sure to include the what, why, and when for each Take-Action step (I will eat salad for lunch twice a week starting today so that I continue to improve my health so I can live longer)
  • Once you start your Take-Action steps be sure to track them
  • It’s about building good habits, make your Take-Action steps that habit-forming routines that will make you successful
  • Don’t try to tackle too many things at once. Work on one or two at a time then move on to the next ones


Take-Action Items:

  1. List out your resolutions for 2015

  2. Break them down into the Take-Action steps that you need to take every day to get you closer to your goals

  3. Put those steps on your agenda and make them happen

  4. After you master one habit start another

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