“Get to know your banker and see how you can help them grow their business.”

Today we talk about networking the right way, starting with your banker.


Networking is part of your sales and marketing and doing it right can make the difference between a “great to know” relationship and a steady referral pipeline. We start with discussing your banker because they know a lot about what is going on in your community and they often are the ones financing the projects you are working on.


Getting to know your banker/mortgage broker so that you can build a relationship to help each other originate business.


It’s really about recirpocity. Bankers get involved from the lending side of many of the projects you ultimately build. If you nurture a strong relationship and help them they will in turn be able to help you. Simple networking, right?


Let me start with an explanation of Elite Networking. In the past networking was about telling people what you do in hopes that they might need your services or know someone else who does. That’s old school and doesn’t work. Take your networking to the next level by reversing the process. If you meet someone, find out what they do and see how you can help them. It will come back to you.

Now, here’s how to do it:

  • Get to know your banker’s business and pain points – see how you can help – how you might add value
  • Get their marketing materials so you can share with your customers
  • Refer customers to them – ask your referrals to mention that you sent them there
  • Build the relationship by giving first
  • Learn how they handle any referrals for contractors and ask to be a part of it

Notice that the last thing you do is ask them to refer business to you. That is very important to remember. I try to bring my network business first before asking them to refer business to me.

This process works with any profession or business. This is how networking works.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get to know your banker

  2. Refer business to them

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