“Set yourself apart from other residential/light commercial contractors by providing your customers with lien waivers.”

Today we talk about using an important business process to help set yourself apart from your competition. Providing lien waivers to your customers when they don’t ask for them.


Lien waivers are documents provided by suppliers and subcontractors that release all claims for payment against a project for a billing period or the entire project. We should be collecting these as a general business practice. Today I am talking about using that process to help us win more work.


As Elite Contractors we are always looking at ways to add value. We also want to educate our clients. The lien waiver process is something that many Owners/Clients are unaware of until one is filed against them. Take the time to educate them on this legal process and the dangers. Then let them know that you provide all the necessary releases to protect them.


  • Get suppliers and subcontractors to provide release of liens
  • Get conditional releases with each invoice and unconditional releases after payment
  • Provide these releases along with your’s to the client with the monthly billing
  • Note this entire process in your proposal to let the client know you have them covered
  • Educate your clients on the lien process during your discusssions

Collecting lien waivers is something you should be doing as a business practice. Let’s take advantage of this and use it as a selling tool. Educate your clients on how you do a better job than the rest.

This concept is at the root of being an Elite Contractor. We need to educate our clients on the little things that we do better than the competition and why they should choose us. Remember, anyone can build the project, as Elite Contractors we make the process better and protect our client’s interests.

Take-Action Items:

  • Collect line waivers from all suppliers, subcontractors, sub-tier suppliers and subcontractors

  • Provide these waivers to your client with your progress billing

  • Educate your potential clients on this process and how it protects them

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