“An effective pre-sales effort will help keep your sales pipeline full with qualified leads.”

On today’s Coachcast we review the importance of engaging with potential clients before they are ready to buy.

To effectively keep our sales pipeline full with good leads we need to make a planned effort to engage with potential customers before they are ready to buy our services.


Planning our marketing efforts so that we make contact with potential customers during the early stages of their potential projects.


As Elite contractors we want to spend our time chasing projects that fit our company and where we have some advantage over our competition. Engaging with customers early in the game will put our company at the top of their preferred vendor list giving us an advantage.


  • Getting our name in front of the customer is a marketing effort. Many of us have some level of marketing all ready like job signs, vehicle lettering and ads. To really ramp up this effort we need to dig deeper in our efforts to reach potential customers.
  • How we reach potential customers will vary for everyone and each customer type so you need to develop the plans based on your business. The best way to make sure you are the lead prospect is to provide your potential customers with added value before they are ready to buy. Thiscan be website content, consultation, free advice and other things that can help your clients. Examples:
    •  Residential
      • Provide articles to local magazines
      • Attend home and garden shows
    • Commercial
      • Attend planning/zoning meetings to meet new builders
      • Participate in local Chambers of Commerce
  • Stay up on all the latest trends for your industry. Publish information you learn in your company blog so you can offer as a resource.

There are many of innovative ways to get your company in front of future potential buyers. The earlier in the process that people get to know your company the better your connection will be.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Keep current with industry trends and publish information on your blog

  2. Take you marketing efforts deeper into developing relationships with potential clients before they are ready to buy

  3. Find innovative ways to get your information in front of the right eyes

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