“Lasting improvement comes from making small, consistent changes that lead the way towards huge results.”

Today we take a look at setting 2015 goals for you company.

As we continue our week of goal setting today we will discuss setting goals related to the business side of things. Yesterday we talked about things related to managing our projects and today it’s about managing the business end.


Setting goals for the improvements we want to make in our business. The small step goals that lead to the achievement of our bigger goals.


We have a vision of how we want our company to operate and function now we need to make that the reality. In order to do that we need to start making the changes that bring us closer each day.

[tweetthis]Lasting improvement comes from making small, consistent changes that lead to huge results[/tweetthis]


On the business side we need to look at 3 separate areas. The first is your company culture and HR. This is the lifeblood of your company and we need to pay close attention to what we do in this area. This should cover things from healthcare to flexible work hours, The second are is your Standard Operating Procedures and plans. This is how your company operates. How you do the things you do as a company. The third area is your cost controls and finances. Look at each of these areas and develop you list of goals for each. Then categorize them into must-have, like-to-have and someday. Then focus on the must-have and create your action goals.

Take some time now to get your company goals organized for 2015. It’s gonna be a great year.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your company in 3 areas Culture-HR / Operations / Cost-Finances

  2. Create a list of goals and classify them

  3. Develop your take-action goals

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