“Are you putting your marketing efforts in the right places, where you customers are?”

Today we look at setting some goals for our marketing in 2015.

As we continue this week of setting goals today we want to look at our marketing goals. If we want to get good leads we need to make sure we are looking in the right places.


Setting up good marketing plans and goals to attract the highest quality leads for our business.


To improve our sales process we need to get the best leads and eliminate the bad ones. The only way to accomplish that is by concentrating our marketing efforts in the correct places and using the right tools to reach them.


  • Understand who our primary targets are and where we can find them
  • Determine how to reach them
  • How do we execute the plan to reach them
  • Set goals for each step in our marketing plan

We have to start planting the seeds, taking the small steps that build our marketing machine. We need to set our goals for the first steps and put them into action. We can adjust along the way but the important part is getting started.

Take-Action Items;

  1. Determine your ideal target customer

  2. Figure out where they are and how to reach them

  3. Determine how to execute your efforts to reach the target audience

  4. Set goals starting with the smallest steps

    1. This could be as small as posting to Facebook once a week

    2. The smaller the better, it allows you to execute consistently

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