“Set goals that move you and your company closer to your vision every day.”

Let’s talk about setting and organizing the right goals to get you moving towards your vision.

We have been talking about getting clear on our vision and setting up our big-picture goals then building our blueprint. Now it’s time to start setting goals and begin the journey.


Setting goals for each step along the way of our journey.


We have a great vision of where we want to go now we need to start taking the steps to get there.


Take your vision and blueprint and start looking at each step a long the way. Use each step to define your goals. When you set your goals don’t get too complicated. Make them simple, use 4 point goals. What, Why, How and When. Take each step and make it goal by stating the what it is you want to achieve, why you want to do this, how you will do it and when you want to start or complete.

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Vision = Higher Profit Margins

  • Win Better Projects
    • Get More Referrals
      • Better Client Relationships
        • Meet with Client Weekly

The first goal in this example is:

  • What: Meet with my existing clients weekly
  • Why: To build a better relationship with my clients to get more referrals
  • How: Visit or call each current client and discuss projects and also build a relationship; I will designate 3 hours per week on my calendar for this activity
  • When: I will start this next and continue every week

That’s it. Now that isn’t that hard to accomplish every week is it? Guess what, at the end of the month or year when you review you will have achieved your goals. Not only that, by achieving these step goals you have achieved the goals above them all the way to the top.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Look at your journey blueprint and start setting up your “Planting the Seeds” goals

  2. List all your goals out sorted by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual

  3. Start working towards them


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