“Once you have decided on your journey the next critical step is believing you can get there.”

Today we discuss building our belief that we can succeed.

Okay, so we do all this work preparing for our journey, building our road map and setting our goals but do we really believe we are going to get there? If we are going to succeed we have to believe and we have to build that confidence.


When we set out to achieve something in life we have to believe that we can accomplish it. To do this we have to build our confidence in our abilities to overcome the set backs and challenges and reach our destination.


Growing a prosperous career or business in the contracting industry is very challenging with many ups and downs. In order to keep going and pushing through the harder times we have to have a solid belief that we will make it.

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  • Belief is just like our muscles, we have to work at building it.
    • We can strengthen our beliefs by reflecting on our accomplishments and keeping a journal.
  • The trajectory/goal system that I have given you works to build this belief.
    • By following the system I have laid out we automatically build belief along the way.
    • Having big trajectories with small steps to get there builds our belief on each step
  • Remove the EGO and the fear to ask for help.
    • Getting help is not a sign of failure, seek the help you need.
    • With the right tools and resources you can accomplish anything, make sure your toolbox is full.

If you work at building your belief and remember the things you have been able to accomplish in the past you will easily work towards reaching your trajectories every day. Success breads success.

[important]I am working on some coaching programs for 2015 to help you fill your toolbox. I will also be adding some additional slots in the monthly full-service coaching program. Keep an eye out for updates. If you want to be a part of these programs you can also send me an email at TonyB@ContractingCoach.com.[/important]

Take-Action Items:

  1. Make an Accomplishment List

    1. Start by writing down 2 or 3 accomplishments for last week, month, quarter, year, 5 years and 10 years.

  2. Get Help

    1. Figure out where you need help and seek it.

    2. This could be just asking a friend, reading a book or getting a coach/mentor.


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