“Learning, it’s not just for children.  Build success by continuing to learn.”

On today’s Coachcast we talk about the importance on continued learning.

So often people reach a point in their life or learning cycle that they stop building on what they know.  We feel that we have learned the basics and we start to lose focus on continuing to hone our skills.

If all the things that can contribute to a succesful business or career learning ranks near the top yet so many business owners fail to keep learning.  I know that you are not one of those because you are here and that is a great start.  This Coachcast is a great learning tool but it’s just a small part of what you should be doing to improve your knowledge and understanding.

Continually improving our knowledge and understanding will help drive our successes.  How can your business remain at the top if you don’t keep learning and improving.  If you rest, your competition is going to overtake you.

I made this mistake for years.  Thinking that I knew more than enough about my business that I only needed some minor learning.  I didn’t make a commitment to learn more and found myself making only small efforts at learning more.  I later realized that not keeping up and continuing to learn was hurting me and my career.  I now make a commitment to learn by setting aside time for learning, establishing goals for my learning and taking action on what I learn.  I want you to do the same.

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To get started in a successful shift in continued learning you need to first make a commitment to learn.  Hopefully this Coachcast has sparked the notion that it’s important and you are ready to take steps to improve your efforts.  Start by carving out some time each week for learning.

Now that you have some time on the schedule you need to think about what it is you want to learn more about.  What can improve your business or maybe even a hobby?  What do you want to understand better?  Figure that out and start learning it.

To get the most out of your learning time you also need to understand what works best for you.  We all have different learning modalities that work better for us and understanding that can help.  Do you prefer to read or listen to audio books?  Do you need face to face teaching?  Determine what is best and start learning.

Once you get started the best way to build on that education is by taking action.  Nike said it best – “Just Do It.”  Taking action will help to solidify your learning and improve your skills.

So take some time this weekend to determine what you want to learn more about and start putting a plan together.  Keep learning and keep building on your success.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Set some time on your schedule for learning

  2. Determine what you want to learn and start learning

  3. Take action and Just Do It

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