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Are You Training Your Employees Enough?

“Employee training should be a core of your company culture.”
In today’s episode, I discuss the importance of providing employees with training opportunities.

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Team Planning Improves Productivity

“Engage your team and solicit feedback when planning the work.”
In today’s episode, I discuss engaging the team from crew leads to tradespeople when planning the work on your projects.

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Clarify Your Bid with a List of Exclusions

“Help your clients by identifying what you didn’t include in your bid.”
In today’s episode, I discuss providing a list of exclusions in your proposal.

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Ask Coach – How Can I Control the Never Ending Punchlist?

“Manage the closeout of your project with the same effort as the work.”
In today’s episode, I discuss how to manage the closeout process more efficiently.

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Ask For What’s Yours and Not a Penny More

“Living an abundant life is rooted in fair value for value exchange.”
In today’s episode, I discuss my thoughts on how I conduct myself and live a life of abundance.

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